How Can A Family Help Teen Depression?

Teen depression is not just about transient melancholy and mood swings. Mood swings are common in teens, as most young adults are not fully capable of handling situations at times.

Parents and other family members have to be careful when dealing with teens. A slight change in their behavior could indicate that they are going to take a wrong step. Influence of various factors may lead to a severe depression in them, for which they can even risk their lives.

  • A shocking incident or a sudden loss of a valuable thing can lead to a depression in adolescents. The depression may also change from teen to teen.
  • Parents getting divorced, break-up with a boyfriend or girlfriend
  • Death of a loved one
  • Traumatic experience like sexual or physical abuse
  • Excessive pressure and stress on the teenager
  • Unexpected emotions may be caused due to the hormonal change
  • Nutritional deficiencies.

How parents should react with their depressed teen:

  • Listen to what they say
  • Spend some time with them and get involved in their activities
  • Give importance to them and their friends as well
  • Try talking to them and understand their problems,
  • Give them advice or suggestions, whenever required
  • Acknowledge their sadness and pain they are feeling
  • Never compare their reactions or feeling with anybody else.

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