Teen Alcohol Abuse Statistics

Alcohol abuse is the most widespread among teenagers across the world. It is also responsible for the highest number of deaths among teenagers, by influencing motor accidents, suicide, and rape. The statistics obtained from various research studies and surveys on teen alcohol abuse are listed below:

  • About 45% of deaths caused by motor accidents are accounted to driving under the influence of alcohol.
  • 50% of teenagers consume alcohol for the first time in the form of flavored alcoholic beverages.
  • 30% of teenagers consume alcohol due to peer pressure.
  • Teenagers are less prone to alcohol abuse if they gain acceptance among peers and have a better relationship with family and friends.
  • 65% of teenagers reported that family and friends first introduced them to alcohol.
  • More than 5,000 teenagers die every year in the United States due to underage drinking, out of which 1,900 deaths are due to car crashes.
  • There is a significant loss in memory and ability to retain information among teenagers who have a history of alcohol abuse.
  • Most Americans are concerned about the effects of alcohol abuse on teenagers and lend their support to curb underage drinking.
  • Teenagers are less likely to abuse alcohol if they share a warm and loving relationship with their parents and family. Teenagers with family problems often turn to alcohol to find solace.
  • Teenagers who grew up watching advertisements for alcohol are more likely to experiment with drinking and maintain a favorable view on alcohol.
  • Nearly 39% of teenagers who consume alcohol have had more than four sexual partners.

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