Teen Smoking Statistics

Teenagers will mostly likely experiment with things that are considered forbidden. Smoking tops the list of forbidden things, and it is followed by alcohol, sex, and more. During this age, teens seek answers on their own, rather than listening to others. What is it about smoking that makes it so harmful? Why is it anything but cool, despite the common misconception that it looks cool? These are a couple of the questions that persist in a teenager’s mind. Hearing about the negative effects of smoking only drives some teenagers to try it. This is what motivates them to take their first puff.

Research shows that teenagers in the age group of 13 – 17 years old who smoke daily are more likely to experiment with other drugs. Statistics collected from various sources present an alarming rise in the number of teens getting hooked on smoking.

  • About 440,000 Americans die every year due to health complications caused by smoking, out of which 90% started smoking as teens.
  • Smoking at an early age increases the chances of lung cancer.
  • Every day close to 6,000 teenagers take their first puff.
  • Teen smokers get addicted to nicotine faster than adults.
  • Teenagers from low-income families are at greater risk of getting addicted to smoking.
  • Teens with low self esteem and family problems are more prone to getting addicted.
  • Most teens addicted to tobacco want to quit, but are unable to do so and wish that they never started smoking in the first place.
  • Initial tobacco use among teens mostly occurs before high school graduation.
  • Teens addicted to tobacco also exhibit behavioral issues like violence, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, and high-risk sexual activity.

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