Teen Addiction Treatment

Alcohol, Nicotine, Marijuana, and other drugs top the list of substances that teens are addicted to. This has a serious impact on their health and relationships. Concerned parents and friends look for ways to help deal with these addictions. Fortunately, there are rehabilitation and treatment centers that deal specifically with helping teens overcome these addictions.

What is addiction?

The term “addiction” most likely brings two things to our minds – alcohol and nicotine. Teens get addicted to every kind of substance. When a person has no control over their usage of a substance, it is called addiction. Addiction can be psychological, physical, or both.

Most people get confused with “substance abuse” and addiction. Substance abuse means using a legal or an illegal substance in the wrong way.


Teens usually get addicted to substances for fun and to get high. But once they get used to it, they have no control over it. The craving for that substance is both psychological and physical.

The first step of treatment is for an individual to accept that he or she is addicted to a substance. Teens usually like to do things on independently without relying on anyone for help. This does not work well for most teens, as they are more likely to relapse if they do not have a support system.

Talking to a trusted adult can help. Parents, friends, relatives, and counselors can provide helpful advice.

Professional help from a trained therapist is the best option, if you are not comfortable seeking help from people you know. There are many professional help centers and teen addiction treatment centers that provide counseling to help teens overcome their addictions.


  • Do not hesitate to tell your friends about your decision to stop doing drugs. True friends will respect your decision and stand by you.
  • Ask your family and loved ones for support. There may be times when things get really frustrating and you feel a strong urge to relapse. Talking to your family members and other loved ones about it helps you to overcome your temptations. Never be afraid to ask for help.
  • Avoid parties or other places where you will encounter drugs or friends who are still addicted to drugs.
  • Be firm and responsible if you find yourself in a situation where you are offered drugs. Learn to say NO and stick to your decision.
  • Try and help a friend or a loved one who is facing a similar situation. That person may actually need your support and motivation.
  • Talk to people who have faced this situation and have come out clean and strong. You will benefit from their advice.

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