Homeless Teens and Suicide

Many teens are self-dependent and believe in doing things their own way. When a child enters this stage of life, parents become more cautious as they anticipate the physical and emotional changes that their teen will experience. The homeless teen population is increasing at a rapid pace. Many teens become homeless to avoid being sent to foster homes, because they fear that they would not be well taken care of. There are many reasons for a teen to become homeless, and just as many that cause them to commit suicide.

Factors That Affect Homeless Teens and Suicide

Problems at home can be a reason for a teen to become homeless. Moreover, teens undergo many mental and physical changes during this stage. If parents are constantly fighting, it creates tension at home and teens may not be able handle it well. They may therefore escape the tension by leaving home.

Another reason that might motivate them to leave home is if their parents aren’t paying much attention to them. If their parents are always working and are unable to spend time with them, they may feel unwanted or unloved. This may lead to depression, which could then result in leaving home or even committing suicide.

It is often the case that parents set exceedingly high expectations for their child and the child is unable to meet them, which may ultimately lead to depression.

Sexual abuse is another main cause of teenage homelessness or even suicide. They are embarrassed to discuss these things with anyone, for fear of being misunderstood. The feeling of lacking protection from anyone may lead him or her to cause self-harm.
There are many teens out on the street that have indulged in bad habits and are facing health issues. They must become better understood and gain assistance in coping with major life changes.

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