Anxiety Disorder in Pre Teens

Anxiety and depression are commonly faced by teens. The process of growing from a child to an adult involves an intense wave of emotions. These emotions may become too extreme for a teen to handle. Mental depression is frequently accompanied by anxiety, and unfortunately many teens struggle with it.

Reasons for Anxiety in Pre Teens

  • A child may suffer from anxiety due to a fear of losing loved ones. This fear of separation takes a toll on their health and they often get stomach aches and headaches when forced to go to school.
  • Some children suffer from phobias. They have a fear of being noticed so they hesitate when they are called on to read in class or make a speech. They even avoid making friends and interacting with people.
  • Another reason that a child might suffer from anxiety is the future. A child may be unable to concentrate on anything occurring in the present. Everything about the future scares them, so they stop living in the present. They constantly worry and are anxious about everything that is to come.

Symptoms of Depression

  • Constantly feeling sad and crying
  • No interest in any enjoyable activities
  • Anger
  • Cannot fit in with others and want to be alone
  • Constantly complaining about headache and stomachache
  • Low self confidence and fear of being rejected
  • Disturbed sleep
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Attempts to run away from home

If you notice the above symptoms in your child, do not overlook, consult a mental health professional. You might assume that they are typical teenage tantrums, but persistent behavior of this nature can seriously impact their future. Parents should not be harsh when approaching the situation. Therapy may be required, as well as medication if prescribed by the physician.

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  1. Thanks for the article, we particularly like, “Parents should not be harsh instead they need to divert their mind into something productive.” Anxiety disorders are hard on the teen and hard on the parent, and positive attitudes must be upheld!

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