Health Risk of Teen Pregnancy

Many parents worry about their children when they are in their teens because during this phase of their life they go through a lot of physical and mental changes. These changes play a very important role in their life. During this stage there are teenagers who get involved in un protected sex and get pregnant easily.

A girl in her teens who gets pregnant suffers socially, mentally and emotionally. She has to go through the trauma every single day and there are more complication during this time. It becomes very difficult for a teen mother to manage because many are school drop outs and are jobless. They mostly live in poverty. This leads to a change in their life syle and it greatly affects the health of the mother and the child. Today there are more than 80% teen pregnancy that are over looked and are unintentional and round 1 million teen girls become pregnant every year and this rate seems to be increasing.

Health Issues of a Teen Mother

There are many teens who are involved in smoking, drinking, taking drugs and eating a lot of junk food. This of course effects the health of the mother and the unborn baby. It has been observed that teens smoke more during pregnancy that women who are 25 years and above. This results in giving birth to a premature baby, low body weight of the baby and the mother and complications for both the mother and the child.
Other health issues are anaemia and high blood pressure and this involves more risk for teens who are just 15 years.

A few major health issues are Chlamydia which causes infection in the eye of the person and pneumonia in a new born baby.
Syphilis causes death of the mother and the infant and blindness.
Aids this is a deadly virus and if the pregnant mother is suffering from it, it passes on to the unborn baby.
Therefore to avoid such situations its always good to have open discussions with your teen and let them know what the consequences of getting into unprotected sex.

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