Teen Health And Nutrition

This is a stage where every teen transforms into an adult and during this time they need to take care of their health and nutrition intake. Many indulge in junk food and do not really keep a check on what they are eating. Since a lot of teens indulge in physical activity like sports they tend to feel hungry very fast, therefore this is the right time to guide and indulge them is health food habits.

Teens may suffer from eating disorders like over eating or eating less which results in being over weight or under weight. They also face health problems when they continue to ignore their diet.
There are a few things that you need to consider for your teen.

Things to consider for your Teen

  • Since a lot of parents are working they are not able to spend enough time with their children. Try to have at least one meal with your child so that you know if he/she is having a balanced diet
  • Encourage your teen to eat small meals in a day as this would help to help keep a check on the diet. Do not restrict from eating and don’t encourage your teen to go on a diet as this not good for them
  • Make sure the food that is stocked in the house is healthy and is a balanced diet.
  • If your teen didn’t get through in any activity and is sad do not cheer them up by taking them for a burger and avoid indulging them in junk food.

Nutritional Requirement


a teen should have at least two to three servings of fresh or cooked vegetables in a day.


let them pick up any fruit of their choice and have atleast one bowl of it everyday.


it includes meat, fish and poultry. They should have 1egg and three or more servings of it each day.


it includes potatoes, rice and whole wheat bread. There should be at least four to five servings in a day.


this includes butter, cheese and margarine. One table spoon is good enough.


it includes puddings, ice creams and cookies. A teen should consume four to five servings in a week.

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