What is Mononucleosis?

This is a type of virus that is seen in children and teenagers. Teens feel tired and fatigue and this lasts for weeks or even months they are down with viral fever. Proper rest and care is required to recover completely. If you would have observed that the above symptoms in your teen, this calls for immediate attention. Do not think that if your teen is not indulging in any activity and is just being lazy, reconsider this as this could be a genuine problem and do not over look.

Causes of Mononucleosis

This is caused by a virus known as Epstein Barr Virus. This is a common problem among teenagers and young children because they are not immune to this virus. This virus spreads by saliva, mucus,tears and kissing. The mononucleosis virus remains active whereas the symptoms are not seen in the person immediately after the contact with the virus.

Symptoms of Mononucleosis

If a person is suffering from this virus the symptoms are feeling weak, tired, fever, swelling in the glands and sore throat. These symptoms are seen only after 4 weeks. Other severe cases are pain in the upper part of the stomach and swelling in the spleen for which you need immediate medical attention.

Treatment for Mononucleosis

  • Complete bed rest is required for a quick recovery and do not indulge in any activities.
  • For sore throat gargle with warm salt water as salt is an antiseptic that cures sore throat.
  • Take a tylenol or Advil as this will re-leave from fever, headache and pain on the throat.
  • Do not play any sports or indulge in heavy work as the spleen is delicate and may burst because of straining

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