Teen Obesity

Its very easy to put on weight during teen years because the body goes through a lot of physical and mental changes. There can be a lot of things that trigger a teen to indulge in excess food and less of physical activities. In the U.S its quite common to find teens who are obese. There can be a number of reasons that can lead to obesity in a teenager.

What Causes Obesity in Teens?

Every teen who is suffering from obesity is lacking in physical activity and indulging in over eating. Since a lot of things have modernised over the past years and most things are just a click away, this has made people lazy. Today most teens spend their time in front of computers, watching television and playing video games. There is no physical activity involved at all. If no exercise is given to the body the body remains like a lump of flesh.

To add to this a lot of junk food has come into fashion which makes teens put on weight.
Many parents in order to save time and to reduce their work get junk food for their kids or end up dinning out at some restaurant. Food from outside involves oil and is high in calories. The body is deprived from healthy food like fresh vegetable and fruits and all these factors lead to obesity.

How to Over Come Obesity

If your teen is obese it can be a factor that would hurt his/her self esteem. They may not be comfortable interacting with others of fear being teased. They may feel low and sometimes get into depression. There are ways by which you can help your teen come out of this situation.
Encourage your teen in activities like playing basket ball, cricket, swimming or any activity in which they are interested. If they do not show much interest in sports you can encourage them for dance classes or aerobics as these are indirect ways of keeping them physically occupied.
Keep a check on the diet and make sure they eat healthy food and drink lots of juices. Pizzas and burgers once in a while is fine but do not make it a habit.

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  1. Obesity is a growing health problem these days because people are too lazy to do some extra exercise and they eat too much. i always exercise and do cardio regularly to maintain a healthy weight.

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