Parent Teen Conflict

Parents who have teenagers go through a daily conflict. This is nothing new and it is all a part of a growing stage for a teen to have clashes with their parents. Since there is a generation gap there would always be a difference of opinion between the parent and adolescent. Being a parent we expect to make wise decisions and situations should be handled in a more mature way. It all depends on how we handle our teen and having arguments to a large extend strengthens the bond between the two.

How to handle Situations

  • Being a parent you need to have a positive attitude and understand that your teen is going through changes and during this phase having conflicts is normal
  • Treat your teen as an individual and respect their opinions and views
  • Do not get into any argument and let them know what are your priorities
  • Getting angry is normal but do not accept violence like being destructive, calling names and shouting. In such cases you can divert their mind towards music or just talking a walk
  • If your teen has lost his/her temper you should remain calm but yet sternly convey your point as when they calm down they would realise what has gone wrong
  • If you know that your teen is not doing the right thing, you don’t have to get hyper and upset but try to understand the situation and tackle it
  • This is a confusing time for teens and they get depressed very fast. So set up rules that both agree on and should apologise if either of them break it
  • Express you love and concern for your teen so that they know that you are concerned about their safety
  • Do not shout or yell at your teen in front of other people as this is a time when their self esteem goes down and they feel insulted. This may spoil your relationship with them
  • Interact with your teen as much as you can as this will break the ice between you’ll. Discuss things and encourage conversations as this will make them comfortable in sharing any kind of problems
  • In the past if you have hurt your teen then try to win back his/her confidence so that they trust you again

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