Lesbian and Bisexual In Teens

Being lesbian and bisexual basically means being attracted to people of the same sex or both genders. These feeling may be the result of sexual fantasizing, and this anxiety may indulge their thoughts further. Even if a teen fantasizes about the same sex, it doesn’t mean that he/she is bisexual or homosexual.

Being homosexual means to people of the same gender. This has been a very common culture among many people. These people become aware of this emotion during their childhood and desire to find their own way of going about things. Society has not always accepted a person as being a lesbian, gay or a bisexual. This was never openly expressed for the fear of being misunderstood; however, times have changed and people are more open at discussing their feelings.

Teens that develop this feeling have to go through a lot in their life. Though there have been many changes in society over a period of time, they still experience many challenges. These include:

  • Getting embarrassed about their sexual emotions
  • Feeling different from the others
  • Feeling of not being accepted by society
  • Not getting a positive response from family, friends and relatives
  • Feeling of embarrassment on going to clubs, parties or social gatherings
  • Fear of getting disease like AIDS and HIV infection

This is a difficult thing for teens to experience as it damages their confidence and self esteem. They may become depressed and isolated. In such cases, parents need to understand their feelings and help them through this phase. If this does not happen, the teen may attempt to commit suicide out of depression. Do not force your teen to change his/her sexual orientation, as this may cause more trouble. Counseling is recommend for teens that identify as lesbian or bisexual, as it will help them learn to like themselves.

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