Sibling Rivalry and Aspergers

When a parent has a child with Aspergers Syndrome, it becomes difficult to explain it to other siblings. Aspergers is similar to autism.  A child with this syndrome finds it difficult to interact and communicate with other people. When there is sibling rivalry, it becomes difficult to manage. This is because it is a life-long problem for the child. Since parents know the problem and understand it, they may be able to manage a situation whereas a child may not understand it.

Handling the Situation

When you know your child is suffering from Aspergers, you need to be cautious and take care of the situation. Make sure that such children are not misunderstood, are given all the help required, and are treated with respect. Also, make sure you help siblings get along and communicate more often with each other. This helps them understand that they are not normal kids. In cases where a child is suffering from Aspergers, you cannot treat both the kids equally. The child suffering from Aspergers needs more attention than the other child. This is where the jealously factor may come into play. But you need to try to avoid such situations and make things normal by:

    • Telling your friends and family that your child has Aspergers so that they know how to treat them.
    • Taking your child who doesn’t have Aspergers out to their favorite place so that he/she gets his/her share of attention.
    • Not being overprotective of your child with Aspergers, as they will get the hang of things over time.
    • Engaging in conversation with your child. This will encourage him or her to open up to you.
    • Reading up on Aspergers so you know how to handle the situation and reduce sibling rivalry.

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