Teen Work Place Safety

Parents are relieved when their teen starts a new job because it means they are involved in something that is productive and helps build their confidence. Teenagers wants to be self-sufficient and don’t want to continue taking pocket money from their parents. With a new job, they feel responsible and like to be treated like adults.

For parents, a safe and healthy work place for their teen can be a major concern. There are many teens that are tortured and hurt in work places, and this brings down their moral and self esteem. On an average, many teens die as a result dangerous working conditions. Some of these include long hours, low pay, and lack of training. When teens take up a new job, they may not be able to concentrate on doing it because they have too many thoughts running through your head.

Reasons Why A Work Place is Unsafe for Teens

  • When teens take up a new job, they are nervous. Be careful in asking them questions, as this leaves them confused.
  • Teens may end up taking unnecessary risks to portray a good image at their job
  • There are many jobs that have to be supervised properly, as it can be dangerous to teens who don’t know how to handle it

Jobs Risks

  • Unsafe work equipment
  • Violence at the work place
  • Stress
  • Dangerous and toxic chemicals at the work place
  • Lifting heavy weight

Taking on a Dangerous Workplace

In order to avoid such situations, talk to a manager so that you know the workplace is safe. Check to see that the place has a proper training facility, safe equipment and is clean. If you have any doubts, then don’t let your child work there…

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