Teen Sexual Abuse

The teen years are the most crucial and important years in a person’s life. During this time, they are still developing physically and emotionally. Teens who experience sexual abuse will be affected for the rest of their life. Since everyone is different, they may not react the same way. Teens are still in a growing stage and are not yet exposed to the world outside. Some of them may be quite by nature and introvert whereas others may open up easily.

Kinds of Sexual Abuse

  • Told to touch parts of your body in a sexual way
  • Forced to touch other person’s body parts
  • Kissing in a way that makes you uncomfortable
  • Someone touching your body parts in a sexual way
  • Being forced to watch someone masturbate or watch pornographic pictures
  • Being watched when you are taking a shower or changing clothes
  • Sending vulgar SMS
  • Passing sexual comments
  • Forcing a person into sex

When teens go through sexual abuse they are shocked and threatened. They feel too scared to reveal the truth to anyone for fear of losing their job or hurting those around them. There are a lot of reasons why teens hesitate to say anything. They become more and more depressed, which leads them to attempt suicide. This hurts their self esteem and causes them to isolate themselves.

Impact of Sexual Abuse

Since they cannot reveal this to anyone, this causes a huge impact in their life. In most cases, people are sexually abused by those closest to them. This makes it difficult for teens to trust anyone. Teens may lose confidence and may not feel the same about themselves or anyone for that matter. Many of them have nightmares of what they went through and anything familiar may trigger the thought. They go through sleep disorders and this impacts their health. Negative thoughts enter into their head, and at some point in time they may want do to the same with someone else to vent their frustration.

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