STDs in Teens

There are many teenagers who get involved in sexual activity without knowing the risk. Today, there are at least 42 percent of teen girls in the U.S who get involved in unprotected sex and contact sexually transmitted diseases. They not only get pregnant, but also go through emotional and physical stress. Teens need to be emotionally and physically prepared for sexual activity.

Sexually Transmitted Disease

These types of diseases are spread through sexual intercourse. STDs can spread through genital contact and oral sex with a person who is infected. Every year, there are many teens who contact this disease. It is all too common for woman under the age of 25 to contract an STD. It can be difficult to know if someone has an STD, as they may not always display symptoms. For a person who is sexually active, the best way to avoid getting any transmitted disease is to take precautions like using birth control pills or condoms. Few types of sexually transmitted disease are:

  • HIV
  • Herpes
  • Gonorrhea

It is very easy for teens to contract and STD. They may be embarrassed to speak to a health professional or anyone else about the condition until it is too late.  There are some incurable sexually transmitted disease like HPV and AIDS. The consequences of these diseases are really bad. The longer the disease is over looked, the more life threatening it gets. For women, it damages the reproductive system, thus making pregnancy complicated. That is why teens need to be extra careful before having unprotected sex.

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