Teen Sexual Harassment

There are many teens who go through sexual harassment every single day. Lots of women and girls are a major target of sexual harassment and this not only happens at the work place but also in other places. Despite men being warned about it they still continue to do it.

Types Sexual Behaviour

sexual behaviour can be of three types

  • Sexual behaviour involves

    visual harassment

    like watching watching vulgar pictures, sending e-mails and sexual gestures

  • Commenting on someone’s body, vulgar jokes, sexual intimidation and making sexual noises and all this comes in

    verbal harassment

  • The other type of

    sexual harassment

    also known as physical harassment is rubbing against someone’s body, touching and blocking someone

Teens suffer this type of sexual behaviour not only in colleges and work places but also in their day to day life. Teenagers actually don’t realise that people of this type try to have a control over the other person and don’t respect that person. Many kids may do this to the other kid like pulling their skirt or pant and making fun of them, calling out names like”bitch”. They cross their limits and think that being like this is cool. All these examples are with regard to sexual harassment.

Teens at this age are very sensitive and grasp things very fast. They may get attracted to wrong things. This type of behaviour should never get mixed with flirting. They are two different behaviours. Flirting is basically to flatter people and is done by both the genders but harassing someone is taking control of someone and making them feel embarrassed and humiliated.

Everyone needs to know where to draw the line and how to behave with the opposite gender. If any teen comes across sexual harassment they should report this to someone superior so that this can be taken care and they may not be a victim.

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