Troubled Teenager

Teens are very sensitive to situations beyond their control. They tend to get upset and often make wrong decisions. Teens at this stage are more exposed to different situations and don’t know how to handle them. Teenagers often hesitate to confide their problems to parents and are more comfortable talking to their friends; however, they may not get the right solution or advice for their problems.

Symptoms of Troubled Teens

  • Troubled teens may isolate themselves and become secretive..
  • They might suddenly get angry for something that might be unreasonable.
  • They may start telling lies about where they have been and start avoiding a conversation with you.
  • Noticing that valuables and money are missing from your home is cause for concern.
  • Your teen has changed his/her friend circle and this has brought a major change in his/her behavior and appearance
  • You notice your teen is sleeping a lot and doesn’t spend time with the rest of the family members.
  • At this age teenagers have mood swings, but if this happens very frequently then its a matter of concern
  • Your teens grades are falling and there are often complains from school
  • You might also notice your teen is not taking any interest in his/her favorite sport or any other activity

If parents notice the above signs in their teens, then its time to take care of the situation.

It is important to approach things properly and initiate a friendly conversation. Teens are may not be comfortable with opening up to you, but try to earn their trust. Teens want to look up to someone whom they can trust with their problems and frustrations.

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