Teen Coping

Parents need to put in an extra effort in helping teens cope with different issues. There can be a lot of issues that arise that may beyond a teen’s control. It is during this time that they need support, love and care to help them out of this situation.

Coping with depression

Teens may get depressed for various reasons, and it is parents who need to help them cope with situations. They may get upset if they haven’t performed well in their studies or any other activity. This could be a reason for them to get depressed and lose confidence in themselves. Situations may arise that teens may not be able to handle.  This is where parents should help them feel better and encourage them. Other than depression, teens need to cope with various other problems like stress, pressure, anxiety and self esteem.

Coping with Pressure

Teens need to cope up with a lot of pressure. They are constantly under stress to perform well in sports, studies, music and other activities. In order to live up to everyone’s expectations, they feel the pressure to perform well.

Coping with Self Esteem

Self esteem is basically how one feels about oneself and how others feel about you. If a teen has a good self esteem, he/she would feel good and confident. Self-esteem develops when a child is growing. It can also be shattered by a very bad experience in life. Some examples of this may be rape or being insulted in front of others.

Coping with Anxiety

It’s very common for teens to get anxious at this age. They may feel nervous about taking an exam or speaking in front of people. Some symptoms of anxiety include rapid heartbeat, problems sleeping, or a headache. Teens need to find a way to cope with this problem.

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