Defiant Teens

Defiant teen behavior refers to teens misbehaving, not being cooperative, being isolated from others, and starting frequent quarrels. This kind of behavior creates a problem in the family as well. Teens sometimes need help to extinguish this kind of behavior.

Ways in which parents can help their teen

  • Be able to speak with your teen about all different kinds of issues. Select an environment where both you and your teen have little distractions, so that the focus is on the teen
  • Do not blame your teen, but handle the situation in a caring manner
  • If you don’t like the friends your teen hangs out with, try to limit the time spent with them and voice your opinion in a caring way.
  • Encourage your teen to indulge in outside activities like playing their favorite sports, swimming, skating, or enrolling in music classes which diverts their mind from being defiant
  • In extreme cases, you can consult a counselor who can help your teen and your family
  • As a parent you should have knowledge about defiant teens. Read helpful books which can help you understand and deal with their behavior
  • Set a few common rules which you both can agree on and stick to them
  • Give your teen space and encourage them to take up a hobby that interests them. Make sure to monitor their behavior once in a while.
  • Your spouse and you should be on the same page, and the rules should be enforced by both of you.
  • Create a respectful environment. Make sure children abide by it.
  • Find some time with your spouse so that you can both relax and think with an open mind about how to handle your teen

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