Teen Depression And Suicide

Teens at this age get depressed very fast. Since their body goes through physical and mental changes, this brings a drastic change in their behaviour. Depression not only creates an impact on their life but also on the family. Depression leads teens into taking drugs and getting involved in other such activities.

Teen depression leads them into committing suicide. There can be a number of reasons like pressure to perform well, tension at home. If parents are not able to spend time with teens, they may feel left out. Teens are very sensitive and need love, care and understanding from their family to go through this phase.

Symptoms of teen Depression

  • Getting irritated
  • Loss of appetite
  • Feeling sad and left out
  • Lack of interest in other activities
  • Cannot concentrate
  • Thoughts of suicide
  • Lack of energy

Signs of committing suicide

Teen thoughts getting diverted to committing suicide is very dangerous. Since most of teens are very short tempered at this age, it is difficult to control the temper as they would not be ready to understand anything.

  • Frequently talking about committing suicide
  • Writing poems about death
  • Recklessness in driving and getting injured frequently
  • Trying to sneak out sleeping pills
  • Coming up with statements like “ its better I die”

Its important for parents to keep a check on such things because teens in a fit of anger may get away doing things that they are not supposed to do. Parents need to spend quality time with their teens. Frequent conversations leads to better communication between the parent and the teen. Learn to listen to your teen and understand what he wants to convey. Be patient and more expressive with your feelings towards your teen.

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