Teen Suicide Statistics

The number of teen suicide has increased over the period of time. There are many parents who overlook this problem in teens. There can be a number of reasons why teens would want to take such drastic steps to end their life. Reports from Centre for Disease Control shows that 60% of high school students have admitted that they have had the thought of committing suicide and the rest of them have tried to commit suicide.
There are statistics from National Conference of State Legislatures stating that:

  • High school students with 19.3% have thought of committing suicide
  • High school students with 14.5% made actual plans of committing suicide
  • At the time of major depression at least 900,000 teens planned to commit suicide

According to the CDC (Centre for Disease Control) teens between the age of 15-25 years are more into committing suicide. Other than road accidents and murders, suicide is the fourth factor for teens deaths.

Statistical gender difference in Suicide

Girls and boys think differently when it comes to committing suicide. Girls may think of attempting suicide whereas boys other than thinking would actually do it. Girls would commit suicide by taking an over dose of sleeping pill or by cutting themselves whereas boys prefer to shoot themselves. More than 70 % boys commit suicide by shooting themselves. Teens who are more likely to commit suicide suffer from some mental health issues or depression which leads them into such acts. Statistics reveal that boys are more likely to commit suicide than girls. Those who are between the age of 15-25 years,the rate has increased by 6% over the past few years and for those who are between the age of 10-14 it has increased by 100%.
Statistics show that the number of suicide cases among teens are increasing. Parents should keep a close check on their teens’ activities and help them come out of any kind of mental illness and depression.

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