Teen Suicide Prevention

Suicide among teens is unfortunately common.. There are a lot of reasons that may drive a teen to commit suicide. Parents who have sensitive teens need to be more alert to prevent such situations. They also have to make an extra effort to help their teen to cope with difficult situations.

Reasons and Prevention

The actual reason for teens to commit suicide is depression, health problems or a history of mental disorder. If it’s clear that your teen suffers from any of these issues,, then it may be time to help him/her out of the situation. If you think that the situation is out of hand and you cannot control your teen’s problem, then you might need professional help.

Most parents don’t find the time to speak to their teens, so they really don’t know what’s going on in their teen’s mind. In order to be close to your teen, try and find some time to spend with them. Make an attempt to have frequent conversations, so that gradually your teen feels comfortable to confide their problems in you. Have at least one meal with your teen, so that you can have a friendly discussion with them. Play a sport with them. Make them feel loved and cared by being more expressive with your emotions.

Teens who are depressed all the time and think of committing suicide, should keep their mind occupied by  activities like playing their favorite sport, listening to music or painting. As they say “an empty mind is a devil’s workshop”; so keep them as occupied as possible so that by end of the day they are tired and get a sound sleep. This can keep their mind healthy and they may see a brighter future.

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