Teen Dating Abuse Statistics

Teenagers at this age love the attention they get from the opposite gender. Many of them get to know the abuser by chatting on the net and then meeting them somewhere, through a friend or just an acquaintance. Teens blindly start dating and trusting people and then eventually fall into bigger problems. Many teens especially girls have been victims to people who have physically, sexually and emotionally abused them. Here are a few statistics that may help you understand and guide your teen through these phases.

Statistics of Teen Dating Abuse

  • Every year at least one out of four teens are emotionally, physically and sexually abused
  • One out of five has been a victim of emotional abuse
  • One out of five girls who have dated their partners have been their victim of physical or sexual abuse
  • At least 54% school students have been victims of dating violence of their school mates
  • One out of three have known their friends being physically hurt like slapping, hitting, kicking and punching by their partner
  • More than 80% girls who have been victims of physical abuse by their partners still continue to date their partners
  • Almost 80% of teens go through verbal abuse and think that its serious for them
  • Almost 20% teen girls who have been into a relationship with their partners have been threatened of violence or self harm if they broke up
  • Nearly 70% girls who had been raped knew the person who had either been their boyfriend, friend or just an acquaintance
  • Mostly teen dating abuse happens in either of the partners home

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