Struggling Teens

Teens go through a lot of phases during this time. They are frequently pressurise for performing well in school, social activities or their day to day behaviour. This impacts them badly and to vent it out they indulge into unfair activities.

There are various techniques that have been introduced for struggling teens which can help them over come major issues. Here are few tips for parents as well so that they can be more supportive towards their teens.

Since teen at this age are very hyper by nature and want everything to be done according to them but they fail to understand that they need to be more patient and respect their parents when it come to taking important decisions.

How to Help Struggling Teens


There are many parents who put their teens in boarding schools thinking that being strict and having an organised way of living there will bring them back into tracks. Teens who are stubborn and mischievous by nature some times become worse.
There are teens who are struggling to over come problems like temper, depression, aggressiveness, drugs, physical or mental problem and discipline.
Parents who are aware that their teens are struggling to go through all these problems need to be more supportive and understanding towards them. They need to en-roll their teens into programmes like meditation, health camps or consult a specialist who can help them.


Teens with this problem need to make a conscious effort to over come it. They should mingle more with friends and discuss their problems or involve themselves into sports like swimming or basketball which will help them vent out their frustration. If something is troubling them then they shouldn’t hesitate in discussing it with their parents or elders as they would get the right direction in doing things.

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