Parenting Troubled Teens

Basically a troubled teen is an adolescent who is facing problems and is not able to come out of it. If problems continue to affect a teen, he/she will not grow into a happy and successful individual. These problems are beyond their control, which forces teens to behave in a manner they may not intend.. The problems can be from any mental health problem physical problems, ranging from insecurity to abusive relationships.

Signs of troubled Teens:

Teens may get troubled for various reasons, and they may show signs that indicate the problems they are having. These are some of those signs.

  • Mood swings
  • Not performing well in school
  • Lack of interest in activities
  • Sudden change in friends
  • Hiding thing or being secretive
  • Sudden sadness
  • Avoiding conversations and lying
  • Becoming rebellious
  • Feels good when others are in trouble
  • Start indulging in smoking and drugs
  • Wants to be isolated and sleeping a lot

As a parent, you should begin to get worried if you notice these signs in your teens for a few weeks.. Your teen needs help and support from you. It’s not easy to deal with such teens, and the situation will get out of hand if the teen is ignored.

When it comes to such behavior, you need to need to encourage your teen to talk to you and let you know what is bothering them. Try and communicate more often with them, reassuring them that you would always be there for them. If this doesn’t help your teen, consulting a health care professional is your best option.

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