Teen Self Mutilation and Injury

Teenagers at this age are very sensitive to a lot of things, and they may end up harming themselves. There are many incidences that can be overlooked, but they may find a sense of relief or satisfaction by hurting themselves.

Self mutilation is basically when a person would have gone through sexual, physical or emotional abuse. People suffering from this problem end up cutting or scratching the skin in order to overcome this trauma.

Self-Injurious Behavior May Include The Following:

  • Scratching oneself
  • Hitting
  • Banging ones head
  • Pulling skin and hair
  • Burning
  • Biting

Most teens who mean to harm themselves get a different kind of satisfaction. It has been proven that people who harm themselves get emotionally overwhelmed, and when they harm themselves it brings their psychological and physiological tensions down.

Therefore they think that hurting oneself will comfort them immediately.
On the other hand, self mutilation develops with regard to some incident in the first 6 years of a child’s development. Self mutilation is categorized into three forms

Superficial Self-Mutilation:
This develops as a personality disorder

Stereotype Self-Mutilation:
It’s seen with mentally delayed people

Major Self-Mutilation:
It involves cutting one’s limbs or genitals.

Characteristics of Self-Mutilation In Teens
This is very common in adolescents who would have gone through any kind of physical, emotional, or mental problem at a young age. Teens that are extremely stressed experience an inability to think, get very upset, and become angry. A sense of helplessness gets into them, and they are not able to express themselves, which makes them even more depressed.

Parents of teens who self-mutilate should consult a therapist or counselor for their child. This is because if it is ignored for a prolonged period of time, it may damage their image forever.

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