Teen Smoking Facts

Smoking is the worst addiction in people, especially when teens get into this habit. There are so many teens that smoke every single day and spoil their health. People are not really aware of the facts of smoking and its potential side effects.

Some Facts about Teen Smoking:

  • There are at least 3000 children who smoke their first cigarette
  • At the age of 16 itself adolescents start using tobacco
  • Almost 20% of teens in the U.S smoke
  • Almost 6 million teens in the U.S smoke, despite knowing that smoking causes health problems
  • Out of 3000 teens, nearly 1000 may die as a result of smoking
  • Girls in their teens who smoke and also take oral birth control pills end up having strokes and blood clots
  • According to a survey, teens who smoke said that they would continue to smoke 4 to 5 years later as well, but 75% were still smoking even after 9 to 10 years
  • Teens who smoke have a reduced lung growth, and when they grow to become adults their lungs do not function normally
  • Teens find it difficult to quit smoking ,and they may die earlier as compared to a person who start smoking at the age of 21 years
  • If your child’s friend smokes, then your teen who is 13 years old is more likely to smoke
  • Teens who have both their parents smoking are more likely to get addicted to smoking than teens whose parents don’t smoke
  • More than 90% of adults started smoking when they were teens

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