Preparing Preteens for Menstruation

Many parents may be hesitant to speak to their teen daughters about their first period. It’s all about how a parent approaches the conversation. They have to make the teen feel comfortable. It is very normal for a teen to go through physical, mental, and emotional changes during this phase.

How to Prepare Your Teen

  • First of all, make time to discuss this topic with you teenager.
  • Make her comfortable about the topic you want to discuss.
  • Clarify any misconception that she might have about menstruation.
  • Encourage her to read books, watch programs, and ask more questions so that she clarifies her doubt.
  • Make sure that your teen gets sex education from school, which would help develop a positive attitude.
  • Help her understand the female body and the menstrual cycle.
  • You should be ready to give her the information, and let her know that every girl goes through this stage.
  • She should also know that every girl is different from the other.  Her period may last for seven day, but her friend’s cycles may be different.
  • Also give her information about contraceptive pills and their side effects

She might come up with questions like:

What is menstruation?

Would it hurt?

For how many days will it happen?

What should I do then?

Schedule a Routine Check-up for the Following Reason

  • If your teen’s period lasts for more than seven days.
  • If she is using more pads than required.
  • If she is having painful, heavy periods.
  • If she hasn’t had her period by the age of 15.
  • If she gets menstrual cramps, and she doesn’t feel better even after medication.


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