Yoga for Teenagers

Exercise in any form for teens is very important to keep them healthy and fit. Teens will go through a lot of physical and mental changes during this phase, and they need time to overcome their problems. It’s always good to encourage your teen to participate in physical activities like basketball, soccer, and anything else that relaxes their body and mind.

Yoga is one form of exercise that will benefit teens. Yoga helps to relax different parts of the body and mind. Doing it the correct way will help teens grow into better individuals.

Benefits of Yoga for Teens

Stress is a very common problem affecting teenagers. Modern recreational techniques don’t really relax the body and mind of an individual. Instead of relaxing them, these modern techniques may actually agitate teens. Yoga is the best technique for dealing with stress. It not only helps teens in managing stress, but also with their behavior patterns.

When you start yoga, begin with a warm-up known as the “surya namaskar.” Then, you need to put them into different poses called “asanas.”  These may be standing poses, sitting poses, inverted poses, balancing poses, and prone pose. The last type of pose is especially good for improving a teenager’s body posture.

Next, help your teen into the “dirga pranayama,” which is a slow breathing exercise. A regularly breathing exercise will improve your teen’s respiratory system, and he/she will be much calmer as a person.

Yoga also encourages its practitioners to follow a specific diet. Many teens are addicted to junk food, which results in major health problems. The “yogic diet” stresses eating healthy food like fresh vegetables, salads, fruits, cereals, and lentils.

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