Signs Of Eating Disorder In Teens

Eating disorder is a very common problem among teens. Most teens do not exercise and indulge in overeating. On the other hand there are teens who are into too much exercising to the extent of actually looking starved. Going on the extremes is bad for health and may cause health problems in the future.

Such people are called “Aneroxia Nervosa”. Teens suffering from this problem experience a change in the diet, loss of menses, depression, anxiety and weight loss. Not every teen loses weight some indulge in to much of eating that they are always preoccupied with food.

Signs of Eating Disorder

  • Teens with this disorder like to be isolated, do not like to socialise with others especially in gatherings where food is concerned, have no interest in their hobbies
  • Other physical signs are drastic weight loss or gain, changes in skin, nails and hair
  • A few more physical signs are feeling dizzy, problem concentrating, dehydration and feeling tired
  • There are behavioural signs like eating very slowly, hoarding food, using the bathroom frequently after meals and exercising to much

If you notice the above symptoms in your teen then your teen needs medical attention. You might not have regular conversations with your teen but try and spend as much time as possible.

This would help him/her to come out of this problem. Counselling and therapies are very helpful for teens. Such therapies take time but eventually they work if your teen responds well to it.

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