Compulsive Exercise In Teens

There are many teens who are into excess of exercising in order to loose weight and actually get obsessed with it. Exercising is good for health but only to a certain extent, anything in excess is bad.
Because of the drastic change in everyone’s lifestyle teens indulge in a lot of junk food and in order to balance it by exercising.

Teens who exercise in excess are called “compulsive exercisers”. There can be many reasons why they are into this. Health or fitness experts say that kids and teens should exercise for at least 60
minutes everyday.

Teens who are into sports do not need to exercise much because they are already into vigorous physical activity. There are teens who exercise many times in a day and are said to suffer from compulsive behaviour.

Signs of Compulsive Exercise

  • Teens who are into too much exercising feel very guilty if a single day they skip their exercise
  • They exercise even in days when they are sick or injured
  • Teenagers who exercise do not really enjoy sports or exercising but do it because they need to do
  • They avoid mingling or spending time with friends and prefer exercising
  • Being very conscious of how much and what they eat and try to balance it by exercising

How Can You Help Teens

If you think that your teen is one of them suffering from compulsive exercising then you need to speak with a doctor. Its always recommended to get a proper treatment and guidance from the doctor.

Exercising is important but straining the body beyond its capacity may create serious problems. Give your body enough time to relax and rest so that you feel health and good about yourself.

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