Best Part-Time Jobs for Teens

Are you bored with computer games and baseball? Do you want to prepare for a career, starting today? Or, do you just need some extra cash? Whatever the reason, read on to learn more about the best part-time jobs for teens.


Lots of homes in your neighbourhood have lawns that need mowing in summer and and spring. These lawns also need to be raked in the fall, and the snow needs shoveling in winter. So, if you are willing, the homeowners would rather pay you rather than an expensive landscaping firm.

Animal Caretaker

This is a great way to make furry friends. You can become a groomer, pet sitter or dog walker. Lots of pet owners are away all day. They’d happily employ you to take of their pets just to soothe their guilty minds.


This is the perfect job if you are looking to become a teacher. If you are good at your school subjects, consult your guidance counselor or local library about existing job opportunities. You could end up starting your own tutoring company.

Restaurant Employee

Restaurants have plenty of part-time openings for teens, such as host, line cook, busser and server. Since many places spread news by word of mouth, ask your local joints whether they need any help. This is a great way to improve your social skills by meeting people. Also, servers and bussers get tips, which would boost your wallet.

Camp Counselor

If you are an outdoors person, this is the ideal job. You can enjoy the summer away from home and get new friends. There will be a lot of socializing and fun activities as well.

Office Intern

Interning for a local business is a great way to build your resume. It is the first step up the ladder to a high-paying, long-term position. So start emailing your resume to the companies you like most, right away.

Movie Theater Employee

This is a must for movie buffs. You’d get to see tons of free flicks, without paying a penny. The downside is the pay would probably be just minimum wage.

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