Teen Crush on Best Friend

You have fallen in love with your best friend. It can be a scary feeling. Should you come clean and confess your love? What if he or she doesn’t reciprocate the love? Will it affect your friendship? Read on to learn more about how to solve this particular dilemma.

Make Sure It’s Really Love

There is a world of difference between a passing crush and true love. It might be just another crush in the following situations:

  • You’re rebounding after a relationship
  • Your friend is rebounding and feeling vulnerable
  • Your friend is sporting a new style and starting to look cute of late
  • Your friend started dating somebody, and hence is spending lesser amount of time with you
  • Somebody said you both look cute together
  • You became close to your friend only recently

Give it two or three weeks to see if the crush wears off. If it does, you’ll be glad you didn’t say anything to anyone.

Choose the Right Time

Even if you are sure it is love, keep it secret till the right time. Do not confess your love in the following circumstances:

  • If he or she is already dating somebody, don’t impact their relationship.
  • If you’re already seeing someone, decide who’s more important. It’s not done to date someone who is second in your heart.
  • If your best friend is facing some stress, like an exam or a big game coming up. Ensure the coast is clear before you disclose your true feelings.

How to Break the Great News

If you decide to come clean and have chosen the right moment, here’s how you can reveal the big, breaking news.

  • Plan a place and time to reveal your love, face to face.
  • Make eye contact for more warmth and closeness.
  • Don’t use the term “love”, which is a big word. It might scare your friend off.
  • Keep your tone light and upbeat. Don’t act like you are disclosing something horrible.

What If It’s Unrequited Love?

If your best friend doesn’t love you back, it’s not the end of the world. You’ll still be glad you got it off your chest. Give some time for the feelings to cool and settle down, and maybe you might become best friends again.

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