Confessing Your Love

You are in love, but you do not know how to say the three words that matter. If that is indeed the case, read on to know more about how you can confess your love to your sweetheart.

If You Are In a Relationship

If you think you really love your sweetie, then plan the right time sooner than later. Go out on a date and softly whisper the magic words. Hopefully, your love will be returned. But, if it turns out to be unrequited love, you are still better off not hiding your feelings. Who knows, your love might be returned in the future.

If You’re Shy

Even if you are a shy person, do not write a note of love. It’s always much better to utter the magic words to the face. It is worth the butterflies in the stomach. And, your courage might just be rewarded if they utter the same words back to you.

If You Know You Are The Loved One

If your sweetie has said “I love you”, do not hesitate if you feel the same about him or her. In case, you missed the bus before, tell them the next time you meet.

If You Both Have Already Confessed Your Love

How many times can you utter the same three words to the same person? So, be creative and try the following ideas for variety:

  • Write a silly love poem
  • Sketch a cartoon and hide it in their bag
  • Dedicate a song to them on the radio, when you are sure they are listening
  • List out the ten best things you like about them and hand the list over

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