Love at First Sight

Are you the romantic type who believes in love at first sight? Maybe you listen to too many romantic pop songs or watch tons of mushy movies. If you belong to the above categories, you must be curious about whether love at first sight is actually feasible and possible. Read on to learn more about the this romantic feeling. Is it just myth or could it be for real?

Mind Tricks

You see a hot person and immediately think you want to get close to him or her. You just assume their personality is as attractive as their looks. This is called the halo effect. The hot person may turn out to be a total jerk. After all, appearances are deceptive. The halo effect may turn out to be a mere illusion. Your love may dissipate once you get to know the hot person better.

Real Love

Every individual has his or her own take on what real love is. But none can deny that patience, empathy and compromise play a big part. These things obviously cannot be obtained at first sight. The feeling of attraction you get at first sight can be termed as a sort of infatuation, rather than real love. But, who knows? You could go on to develop a long-lasting, fulfilling relationship after developing love at first sight.

Some Couples Just Know

There are instances when a couple looked at each other once and they “just knew”. Maybe, they just liked the mannerisms and looks of the other person. Whatever be the reason, it clicked for them long term. But, there are several other “first sight” relationships that go badly or end up nowhere at all. What counts in the long run is caring and commitment.

The Final Answer

To sum up, the halo effect can end up being dangerous. When you see an attractive person, don’t just go by your heart, use your brain too. So, even if you swoon over the first time, remember you ain’t seen anything yet.

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