Six Reasons To Break Up

If you are stuck with someone not your type, maybe it’s time to break up. Read on to see if the following reasons for breaking up apply to you.

You Have Been Hurt

If your sweetie hurts you emotionally or physically, it is too much. You need to end the relationship right away. Beware of this warning sign and take it seriously if it happens to you.

You Are Frustrated

No relationship is a bed of roses all along. But, it should bring some joy to you. If you feel depressed or frustrated all the time, with little happiness to counter the sad feelings, then it is time to get out.

You Have To Do All The Hard Work

If you have been the one who constantly phones, plans dates and outings, and you think your sweetie isn’t rewarding you for all the hard work, think again. Maybe your sweetie wants out. Take control and break up yourself.

You Have Been Cheated

Trust is probably the most important aspect of a relationship. If that has been betrayed, there is little sense in prolonging the relationship.

Your Ex Still Haunts You

Maybe you did not get enough time to get over your ex. Whatever the reason, it is not fair to start dating again if you are still pining for your old flame. Take some time off dating or wait till you find a suitable replacement for your haunting ex.

You Have Cheated

Anybody can fall prey to temptation. But, to continue with a relationship after cheating is not done. So, be brave and break the relationship if you have gone astray.

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