Warning Signs of an Abusive Teen Relationship

An abusive relationship does not have to descend to blows. Many a time, girlfriends and boyfriends act as if abusive tactics are part of the relationship. Read on to learn more about these tactics and ensure they do not feature in your teen relationship.

He/ she Checks On You Constantly

If your sweetie constantly asks about your other friends, and who you have been hanging out with, it is a warning bell. He is intruding into your privacy and that is a cause for concern.

He /She Lies a Lot

A few white lies can be forgiven. However, constant lying, or telling lies about issues important to you, is an absolute no-no.

She /He Doesn’t Allow You to Talk to Other Boys

Do not allow him to control your behavior. You are free to speak to anyone, anytime, of any gender. If he is suspicious, the mature way to deal with it would be to have a frank conversation.

He /She Always Threatens to Hurt Herself Physically

If she tries to control you by saying she will hurt or kill herself if you break up, she is manipulating you. Don’t play along, however do talk to a counselor or parent for advice.

He / She Often Loses His Temper

Irritability once in a while is okay. But, if he / she loses their temper at the smallest things and shouts at you constantly, then something is wrong. And, it surely isn’t you.

He / She Makes Fun of You in Public

If your sweetie calls you names or makes fun of you in public, it is a cruel thing. Don’t stand such behavior. Any person who makes you feel bad isn’t worth hanging out with.


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