How Maintaining a Personal Dairy Helps in the Confessions of a Teenager

Adolescence is a very crucial but turbulent phase in our life. Teenagers look for a reliable support in their life from time to time. They have so much to share but lack the patience to communicate. Most importantly they look for a source which can decrease their emotional baggage without comments or complaints when they decide to confess any wrong doing. This article tries to understand how maintaining a diary proves handy in confessions of a teenager.

Advantages of Maintaining a Diary in Moment of Crisis:

  • Teenagers often cannot handle their conscience well after doing anything wrong.
  • They often lack the ability to discern between what is right and what is wrong.
  • The fear of misunderstanding does not allow teenagers to share their experiences openly with their elders. as a result, they are plagued with the feeling of intense guilt which bottles up and deepens further if it’s not let out at the right time.
  • Maintaining a diary can provide a novel avenue for expressing their confessions.
  • They can jot down their part of the story and this allows them to gain a clear perception of events amidst confusion and guilt.
  • In this way, confessions of a teenager in his/her personal diary makes them get rid of the guilt feeling and provides clarity in their thoughts, to deal with the issue positively.

How to Maintain a Dairy with Confessions of a Teenager:

  • Teenagers would primarily prefer to lock their diary along with other valuables as it is not easy for them to trust people.
  • If there are confidantes in their life, teenagers can place their diary in the custody of such people.

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