How to Deal with Rebellious Teens

It is tough for the parents to unlearn certain aspects of parenting when their child becomes a teenager. They are used to controlling every aspect of their child’s life. The realization that it is time to give freedom to their child dawns slowly upon the parents. Inability in handling this transition can easily turn the teenager rebellious. This article attempts to address the concerns of parents who want to learn how to deal with rebellious teens.

Restrain from Commenting when the Teenager Fails:

Rebellious teens will be anticipating that they will be criticized for their actions. If they instead receive silent encouragement from parents at that point of time, it can win the child’s trust. This trust changes to admiration, love and eventually submission.

Keep the Expectations Low:

Parents must shun the idea that they can live their unfulfilled aspirations through their young child. They must realize that their children are individuals with their own life to lead. Treating them independently can boost their delicate self esteem and earn their respect for their parents.

Learn to Listen with Genuine Attention:

Once the trust and respect of the teenagers is earned, listening to their concerns and point of views with attention can win their love. By this time, the perception of children about their parents will also undergo change. They will be treating parents as their friends. Parents have to learn adjust to this new role with as much ease as possible.

With trust, respect and love of their teenage child on their side, the issue of rebellious teens can be addressed by parents to a fair degree.

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