What is Tough Love Parenting

It is not easy to deal with out-of-control teenagers. They do not allow elders to approach them as there is very little trust. This creates a deadlock situation between the parents and the child. When it becomes imperative for the parents to take harsh steps in the interest of their child, the parenting style is called Tough love parenting. This article attempts to provide further insight on this topic.

Why Tough Love Parenting:

Hiding facts from parents, involvement in drugs and alcoholism, excess of emotional outbursts and sudden changes in the likes, dislikes and friends are initial signs of a troubled teenager. When parents ignore these changes in their child and display complacency, teenagers quickly cross all the limits of discipline set by their parents. As trust perishes in the relationship, it affects the admiration and love teenagers have for their parents. By this stage, the children are completely out-of-control and require extreme steps of parenting for re-establishing discipline.

What Tough Love Parenting Involves:

This parenting style is particularly meant for out-of-control teenagers. Here the parents stop ignoring or making excuses for their child’s misdeeds. Some of the typical steps taken in this parenting style include sending the child to a drug and alcohol treatment program, wilderness training program and enrolment in military-like school. Consulting school counselors and pediatricians for expert opinion are also part of it.

Though it is unfortunate and difficult for both the parents and teenagers to go through such phase, this severe form of parenting style ensures a positive and healthy mind-set for the teenager later in life.

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