The importance of learning to earn pocket money

There are several ways in which teenage children can earn pocket money. In many instances if parents are able to afford it they usually give their children pocket money on a weekly or monthly basis. Often parents will give their children pocket money on basis that they complete certain chores in and around the house. Then again you have children who go out and do odd jobs around the neighborhood or at local stores and restaurants.. There are many benefits to earning pocket money rather than simply getting it. This article tries reason why teenagers should learn to earn pocket money.

Learning to earn pocket money:

Everything in life has a value. We tend to take rewards for granted when we receive them without working for them.. Ignorance of the value does not make us appreciate the object’s importance in life.  Money is a part of our everyday lives and yet it’s value tends to be lost on us. Earning money through a honest means is a very rewarding experience.. Adolescence is a crucial phase of an individual’s life where a personal attitude on every aspect of life is formed. It is important that the youngsters learn and realize that every penny is to be earned in order to appreciate it’s true value and handle it responsibly in life.

Benefits of Learning to Earn Pocket Money:

  • The first and foremost advantage is that it gives a sense of independence coupled with confidence in money matters.
  • It develops a habit of saving for the rainy days from early on in life.
  • Impulsiveness or flamboyance can be avoided when you realize you are how much effort it took to earn your money
  • It helps to get exposure to various kinds of jobs and not to experience discrimination while when assigned with responsibilities.

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