The 5 Secrets of Talking to Teen Girls

It is natural for girls to be more talkative than guys, but some guys need help just starting the conversation.  Getting inside a girl’s head and understanding what teen girls need is the trick to initiating a conversation with them.  Here are some tips to get comfortable breaking the ice.

1.      Be a Friend

Girls can usually tell if you are being friendly just to get a date.  Never start a conversation thinking that you are going to instantly start a relationship or even assume she will go out with you.  Approach her as a friend and be interested in her as a person first, you can always ask her out when she is comfortable with you, and you know each other better.

2.      Be Confident

Men have traditionally been seen as more powerful in society, and girls tend to look for boys who have confidence.  Being self-assured with good posture and showing respect for yourself and others will demonstrate that you are a leader and can be trusted.  Girls love someone who can be strong for them.

3.      Be Mature

Although you may not have outgrown some of the jokes and pranks you share with your guy friends, most teen girls are not amused by immature behavior.  Be sure that you are not being offensive or rude when making comments or jokes, and always use good manners around your date.  Open doors, pull out chairs, and be polite when you’re with her – she’ll think you’re adoring and adorable at the same time.

4.      Let the Conversation Flow

You will feel more comfortable with each other when you let the conversation flow naturally.  Don’t force irrelevant stories on her, or talk about things that are not interesting.  Make the topic of conversation interesting to her and ask questions about her opinions.  Use humor where appropriate, and just be yourself.

5.      Give Compliments

Let her know you are interested enough to notice things about her, but keep it subtle; you do not want to seem fake.  Comment on how nice she looks or how much you enjoy hanging out, and she will appreciate that you pay attention to the little things.

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