What Are Teenage Girls Looking for in a Guy?

There are certain things that girls are looking for in a relationship.  Even if you are not the typical tall, dark and handsome guy and you still live with your parents, most girls will forgive you for not being as rich as Bill Gates and as handsome as Zac Efron as long as you have one thing.  Confidence.  Read on to find out why this trait is so important in attracting a mate.

Sign of Self-Respect

Most girls consider confidence as a sign of self-respect.  If your clothes are dirty or you don’t walk tall, you tell the world that you are not worthy of respect.  While being naturally shy can be an attractive quality to some, be sure to conduct yourself with dignity and treat others the same.


When you have put some effort in your appearance, it will make you feel more confident and sexy.  It is easier to flirt and interact with girls if you are comfortable with yourself, and not intimidated by others.  Girls will notice how you handle yourself with a casual, yet self-assured manner and will find you intriguing and very attractive.


Although many teen girls are very self-reliant, they want to know you will be able to stand up for them in a difficult situation.  Men can be confident that they are physically stronger, and mentally capable of providing protection if needed.  Your girl will feel safe with you, and be comfortable spending time together if she knows she’s safe with you.

Strong Initiative

For centuries, men have traditionally made the first move.  Girls are usually flattered when guys have the confidence to take the lead and ask them out.  They may send you indirect signs or flirt with you when they are interested, and some may beat you to the punch by asking you out.

Do things that boost your confidence level, like joining sports or group activities, but don’t showoff or be arrogant.  Your natural confidence will shine through and the girls will be impressed.

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