Tips for Boys: How to be a Unique and Exciting on a Date

Do you ever feel like girls just don’t notice or even remember you?  Maybe you are lacking a few skills that can capture the attention of the opposite sex.  Guys who stand out from the crowd and are spontaneous are usually irresistible to teen girls.  They want a take charge guy, who is also funny and understands them deeply at the same time.

Follow the tips below to be the guy she can’t forget on your next date.

Give Her Surprises

It’s the little things that count in a relationship, and you can let her know how you feel with a small, thoughtful gesture.  So, if you know she likes flowers, give her some on her birthday, but be relaxed about it.  A gift card to her favorite coffee shop or bookstore “just because” will show her that you are thinking about her.

Find Common Interests

When you can talk to your date about a variety of topics, you will both have a better time with each other.  Ask your date questions about her life, and be engaged in the conversation.  Talk about what interests you, what your dreams are.  Maybe you will both learn something new. She will look back on a memorable date and want to know more about you.


There are a few simple things to let a girl know you like her.  Start by making eye contact for a second or two and smile.  You could say hi when passing her in the hall, or ask her a question about a class you are in together.  A little teasing might get her attention, as long as it’s light-hearted and cute, and not mean or spiteful.  Give her a genuine compliment when the time is right, but don’t go overboard.

 It just takes a little creativity to set you apart from all the other guys out there.  Being a great date takes some practice, so stop thinking of your limitations and focus on the possibilities.

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