Tips for Boys: How to Make the Girls Ask for More

Let’s face it.  Most girls out there have high standards when it comes to dating.  It is important to please your date, but not to get taken advantage of while doing it.  A girl will be more interested in you and have more respect for you when your values direct your actions.

Here are several tips to make you irresistible:

Know How to Pull Back

Although dating is exciting right away, the initial interest can begin to fade.  To deepen her interest in you, on your next phone call, tell a memorable or emotional story, but cut it short before you get to the exciting part – just like going to a commercial – and say you have to get going.  Let her know that you would like to finish the story the next time you meet and say you’ll contact her.  Don’t be overly sly or clever when doing this.  Try to make you story natural and relevant to the conversation, and you’ll have her wondering about you for days.

Know When to Pull Back

If you are out with friends and meet someone new, be sure to keep the initial few conversations short but meaningful.  Don’t spend all night hanging on the same girl, but let her know you would like to see her soon – for coffee or something.  You will find each other more interesting if your first few meetings are short, but frequent.  That way you will have lots to catch up on, and not get bored quickly.  There is also less room for awkward moments if your dates are casual and laid back.

Give What They Want Occasionally

Most teen girls will want to call you often, and see you whenever you’re available.  It is important to know that you are not obligated to respond to every message or request, but you should make an effort to spend time with someone if you care about them.  Be upfront about how often you would like to see someone, or arrange the next phone call or date in advance, so there is less chance of a misunderstanding and hurt feelings.


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