Tips for Boys: Pick Up Lines for Boys

Flirting is important

Flirting is important before and after you start a relationship with a girl. You may be confused by the ample examples of bizarre, corny and some totally outrageous pick up lines found on the internet.

For your information, they become more important later on, especially when you have started a conversation with a boring opener.

The following examples of pick up lines are worth a try:

You: Every night I always go out for a walk to a place which is familiar to you. Do you where it is?
Her: Where is it?
You: It is in your heart…

You: Do you have a map?
Her: What map?
You: A map of your heart, because I’m lost in there right now.

You: Aren’t you feeling tired?
Her: Why should I?
You: Because you’ve been running in my heart for days.

You: (at a coffee shop) I have ordered a black coffee and the taste is not what I was expecting!
Her: How come?
You: It’s because of you. After you were sitting next to me this coffee tastes sweet.

You: Why did you steal something from me?
Her: What did I steal from you?
You: You stole… my heart.

Her: Gosh! The weather is so hot! I have to take a shower!
You: Meet me there!
Her: You little foxy thing! (Flustered)

Her: I always sleep late for days. I need a good night’s sleep immediately!
You: I have the cure. Would you like to know?
Her: Yes, what’s the cure?
You: Thinking about me before you sleep and then you will have pleasant dreams.
Her: (Stunned)

Lastly, whatever you believe about yourself is true! If you think you can make a great relationship with a girl, you are right, but if you think you can’t, you’re right!

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