What Makes a Broken Heart Really Hurts?

A broken heart shatteres your world, hopes and dreams. The pain of a heartbreak feels unbearable. You might find yourself confused and not knowing what to do.

Every time you think of him/her, you will feel a deep pain inside your chest.

Why does a broken heart hurt so badly? Several studies have proven that there is a link between social pain and physical pain. When you are suffering from a broken heart, your stress hormones flood your bloodstream.

When these stress hormones enter your heart, they can cause shock, a sudden sore and lead to physical pain.

The results of the physical pain vary from one to another. It is also related with how much of social pain can a person take. The sensitivity of a person to social pain plays a key role in heart break syndrome.

You may feel any of the following types of physical pain related to a broken heart such as:

  • Migraines
  • Headaches
  • Stomach aches
  • Joint aches
  • Muscle aches

Chronic physical pain leads to depression.

In short,

having a broken heart can cause your healthy heart to stop working normally

. Does this surprise you? Well, this is true. This happens because of the emotional stress brought on by something like a love rejection.

Physical pain which is followed by inability to sleep, loss of appetite and uncontrolled crying would surely make your heart more susceptible to diseases. These stress hormones can be temporarily toxic to your heart.

In the U.S., women are the majority ( >90%) of patients who are affected by the broken heart syndrome. The good news is,

all the negative effects of a heartbreak can be resolved immediately with quick and timely treatment


In the upcoming article, we will discuss suggestions which might be helpful in mending your broken heart.

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