Tips for Girls: Questions that Strengthen Mother-Daughter Relationships

How close is your relationship with your mother? How well do you know your mother? Do you know her favorite foods, her hobbies, or probably the simplest one, her birthday?

Do you love your mother but are unsure how to get along with her? All you need to do is to ask your mother some questions and you will get some answers. Knowing these answers, and even how your mother reacts to your questions, will allow you to get to know your mother more. As her daughter, it would be best for you to get along with your mother’s emotions during your “interview session”. In this way, both you and your mother will form a stronger emotional bond.

Here are several questions which may help in improving your relationship with your mother:

1. What similarities do we share?

You may want to ask what differences you both have too. This is a light opening question which will set the mood before you go onto further questions.

2. Why did you choose to marry my father?

The answer could be his intellect, his personality, his appearance and/or several other characteristics which caught your mother’s interest.

From her answer, you may be able to see your parents’ emotional bond and the way they love each other. You may also be able to gather some good advice for your own future relationship.

3. Do you have any unfulfilled wishes?

Listen carefully to these answers – your mother may be sharing some deep secrets with you, and it may give you a chance to give something special to your mother, no matter how simple.

For example your mother may share that she always wanted to visit an amusement park which reminds her of her childhood – this could make a great birthday surprise for her.

4. How tough is it to be a mother?

Being a mother is a very precious gift, but can be very emotionally demanding. Every mother will have their own answer to this question. To know your mother’s point of view in this matter would be valuable knowledge for you as a daughter and for future reference when you become a mother yourself.

5. What is the best thing that I can do for you?

This answer may vary according to circumstances and stage of life.

First, your mother may ask you to do your best at school and make her proud. As an adult, she may like you to call her more often. You may use this kind of question to build good communication within your family.

There are many other questions you can ask your mother to get to know her better. With time a stronger emotional bond will be created between you both.

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