Tips for Boys: How to Develop a Strong Bond with Your Mother

How often do you communicate with your mother? In terms of quantity about intimate discussion, which one is higher? Is it the intimate discussion with your mother or the intimate discussion with your friends?

Your relationship with your mother should be very distinctive. Your mother can teach you lots of things about girls. Moreover, she can teach you about life from women’s perspective. Such knowledge would be very useful for you.

This article does not intend to forsake the relationship with your father. Your relationship with your father is still an important one. Nonetheless, you should realize to put weight on caring for your mother more than everything.

Apart from the religious or cultural issues, several studies have proven that the emotional bonding between a mother and her child is stronger than that of father-child relationship.

The results of the studies were based on the facts that a mother spends more than nine months of pregnancy and several months of breast-feeding. It is during this time that a strong foundation of emotional bonding is formed between a mother and her child.

These facts explain how important it is to have a strong relationship with your mother. This article is written for boys who want to develop a stronger bond with their mothers.

The tips are as follows:


Women communicate more often than men. The term “communication” here does not mean that you have to talk as much as women. What you have to do is listen to them instead of just hearing.

Listening is a simple thing to do. Close your mouth and open your ears. That is why you have two ears and only one mouth.

In addition, this kind of ability would be very useful to develop your communication and interpersonal skills.

Be Her Best Companion

Sometimes, your mother will face a problem. When she shares her problem, remember that she wants someone to listen to her. You do not have to solve her problem unless she asks you to do so.

Most of times, when women share their problems, they just want to be listened to. They are not looking for a problem-solver.

Respect Your Mother’s Advices

Your mother loves you and that is why she gives you advices. As a teenager, you are still in the development stage which includes both physical and psychological factors. During these moments, you need guidance to help you to make the right choice in your life.

Listen and respect your mother’s advices with all your heart.

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